ROMANIA / 2014

Hammer Dodeca X12
Red epic Camera
Location: Romania

Red Bull Media House

Terra Matter is the nature and science magazine published by Red Bull Media House. It takes its readers on a fascinating journey of discovery that is both inspiring and educational – leading them right into the lives of wild animals in spectacular landscapes. Then it takes off into the lives of people in the farthest corners of the world, directly into the happening of fascinating natural phenomena, surprising stories from human history and into the world of research and technology. This is where our future is being shaped.

All this culminates a magazine of deliberately old-fashioned journalistic quality: top-rate authors and brilliant photographers produce carefully investigated stories on location, which are then presented on high-quality paper with endearing illustrations and an almost forgotten sense of lavishness. In brief: Terra Matter is the perfect read for anyone looking to enjoy his or her sense of wonder more often.